Open Source Watch

Open Watch is a concept watch brand with a target audience of watch enthusiasts who have the means and dedication to put their own 3D printed watch together. Although not exclusive to this demographic, as the process of putting this watch design together is relatively easy, the largest demographic will most likely be the watch enthusiast. Open Watch creates an experience and story of wearing that you have created, as well as making a fashion statement.

What is open source design?

Open Source Design is the development of technology and ideas without retention of intellectual property. The goal of the open source is to allow for the continued development and full customization of products.

What is the openness of the product?

Users can post and use designs by other users. The watch STL files are free to download and be customised by users.

The watch can be customised at every stage.

  • The body can be any plastic or material (with associated price differences)

  • Choice between different quartz and mechanical movements

  • Dozens of different hand models

  • Fully customisable dials. These are paper printed, so can choose from a designed dial or a self created dial

  • Fully customisable movements. Can choose between mechanical and quartz (with associated price differences)

  • Dozens of different strap designs

This project taught me:

  • - Open Source Ideology
  • - 3D Printing
  • - Instruction Manual Design
  • - Finances of Small Businesses
  • - Sourcing Parts