Live Nation Package Design

Working with Live Nation, my partner, Cheri Zhou, and I created a new food packaging design for their live concert venues. Through multiple stages of research into existing restaurant food packaging, what Live Nation currently uses, as well as what concert goer’s need for safe and useful packaged meals, we created the Food Box. One of the largest issues we found in our research was that current packaging was bland and lacked a memorable experience. Our design comes in one flat piece, which can then be quickly assembled by venders, and disassembled by customers. By taking the box apart, the user now has a placemat filled with branding and vender specific designs, tying the meal back to the venue and the restaurant, while also providing a clean eating space. This package also is made out of sustainable paper, creating a eco-friendly alternative to current plastic options. We also created a version for RISD’s Portfolio Cafe, with designs specific to students and the restaurant.

This project taught me:

  • - About the Performance Industry
  • - Package Design
  • - Work Flow Design