Hypo Brands

Working as the product development advisor of Hypo Brands, an entrepreneurial development, we created and launched the sanitizing products Nanowipes and Nanomyst. In the Covid-19 pandemic we saw that there was a lack of portable and eco-friendly sanitizers in the market, so we started to research alternatives. We worked with a supplier in China who created a new sanitizing solution named Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water (EOW), which is a safer disinfectant than alcohol or other harsh chemicals. EOW is a natural (high pH saline water), CDC-approved and 100% people-friendly pathogen disinfectant, which has not been adopted by the US sanitizing market. We implemented EOW with highly portable sanitizing wipes and portable santizing spray, filling the gap in the market for pocket sized sanitizers that didn’t look or feel like sterile hospital packages. Through a year long process of research, design development, brand identity generation, and manufacturing, these ideas became the products Nanowipes and Nanomyst, which can be bought on Hypobrands.com.

This project taught me:

  • - Bringing a Product to Market
  • - Working with a Manufacturer
  • - Working with a Client
  • - Package Design
  • - Brand Identity