Heron Desk

This project was started with my partner, Sebastian Boal, in response to the need for student work spaces at home after being sent home due to Covid-19. We sent out dozens of surveys in the research phase of this project to get a better idea of how people were working from home. We then compiled the research, created insights, user persona’s, and opportunity sectors in the form a research book. We found students didn’t have a designated work space at home, often using the place they relax as the place they work. We also identified the wasted resource of thousands of unused school desks sitting in empty class rooms. At this point Sebastian and I split ways into two different projects, and I decided to create the Heron Desk. The Heron Desk, named after its long thin legs, is a portable school desk that can be brought from school back to home. The sturdy legs unscrew from the bottom, and screw into the side of the desk, creating a handle for transportation. These desks stack cleanly and be easily shipped to students or brought home to create a work space that isn’t the dining room table, with no additional cost to the schools or to the students.

This project taught me:

  • - Iterative Refinement
  • - Materials Study
  • - Relationships between Form and Function
  • - Design Systems