Generative Topography

This project combines generative technology, colour theory, and music videos. The project was done while learning the Rhino program Grasshopper, which creates form through components and outputs on a canvas. The process starts by converting colours in music videos into data sets, which then are applied to a mesh in grasshopper. The music video I used for this project was Dang! by Mac Miller and Anderson Paak. The mesh is generated through the evolutionary solver Galapagos, with the ratios of the colours dictating the peaks and valleys of the topography. The software produces several different landscapes, which I then morphed together in Adobe After Effects. The video is now a representation of the music video, with the two directly interacting with each other.

This project taught me:

  • - Grasshopper + Rhino
  • - Generative Design Ideology
  • - Color Theory
  • - Art school requires math skills