Visualising Formlessness

The goal of this project was to understand the abstract idea of formlessness. How does one successfully show formlessness in an immaterial object? To achieve an answer, I did many hours of research on interpretations of formlessness from an art perspective as well as a physics perspective.

My conclusion was displayed on projections across many different panels. The projection shows a spinning pattern, one spinning at an incredibly slow rate, and the other spinning faster than we can see. The formlessness in this is the time in-between the two spins. Knowing that the two projections are the same object, we then create the image in our head what the speeding up of the object looks like. As this internalized image is no longer in the physical world, but rather, in our head, I believe the projection reached a state of individualized formlessness.

This project taught me:

  • - Abstract thinking
  • - Problem solving
  • - Explaining abstract thinking