Custom Exhibition Posters

When traveling, I frequently visit local art galleries and museum exhibits. To remember and document the many exhibitions I have seen, I started purchasing exhibition posters. I then realised that many galleries and museums did not always offer a corresponding posters, so I decided to start designing my own.  What started as a small fix, a way to reflect and remember the experience, transformed into a hobby that refined my graphic design sense. I discovered that the curation of items in a gallery or museum often reflects the larger design tendencies and opinions of that institution and the people that live there and the local culture. Intensely testing these viewpoints graphical has informed my art and design and the essence of context. 

My goal was never to sell the posters, instead, each one became a personal challenge. A poster, for example, of an exhibit at Gagosian had to follow the brand imaging of Gagosian and in turn, a particular artist.  I enjoy selecting the images, creating and placing text, and each time uniquely aligning with the brand image of the museum and the portrayal of a particular artist.

In creating this personal collection, I taught myself indesign and photoshop. My collection as grown to around 60 self-made posters and 70 original posters.

This project taught me:

  • - Brand identity
  • - Adobe software
  • - Expanding design and art sense
  • - Link between art and consumer
  • - Cultural context
  • - Graphic design composition
  • - Text manipulation and balance