Italian Coffee Cup Design

I completed this coffee cup redesign while at studying in Rome through RISD. A heavy emphasis was placed on not creating a coffee cup that was detached from our surroundings. The design process emphasised a need for context, in this case, the solution was to be envisioned in a Rome café. As a result, we visited dozens of Rome’s iconic cafes to understand coffee norms. We further extended our understanding by touring coffee manufacturers, including Illy Coffee Roasting Company headquartered in Trieste, Italy.

These two very different experiences resulted in a blend between individuality and manufacturing. Inspired by Illy’s artist cup collection where various artists design 2D images on the sides of the cups, I decided to create a cup that had a thickened band. This wrapped façade of texture extended the collection for sculptors and spatial artists to create 3D designs and expressions. 

Additionally, I observed that many of the café cups did not stack well, so while maintaining a similar visual language to the cups I had seen in Rome, the final design neatly stacked.

This project taught me:

  • - Field research
  • - Manufacturing techniques
  • - A new appreciation of coffee culture