Cardboard Chair

The cardboard chair project was part of my Spatial Dynamics course. The goal of this project was to focus on the iterative process and to navigate the boundaries of both the visual and physical structure. The assignment stipulated use of single-ply corrugated cardboard and the development a single-module capable of being replicated. The finished module needed to be assembled into a minimum of three significantly different configurations of a functional adult-sized chair.

My solution was a module that folded on itself, and then slotted into a shape that allowed for different chair types. The majority of my process focused on refining and solidifying my module, as it took time to discover the capabilities of the cardboard. The final iteration takes form as a dining chair, a living room chair, and a semi-lounge chair.

This project taught me:

  • - Iterative Refinement
  • - Materials Study
  • - Relationships between Form and Function
  • - Design Systems