About Me

I have been given the opportunity to do work that is also my passion.
This website is a reflection of that.

Henry Leland
Industrial Design Student at the Rhode Island School of Design


I have lived in Chicago, London and Hong Kong. This upbringing has allowed me to live in different cultures and ideologies, expanding my design sense. I try to challenge the norm with informed design that draws from more than just myself.

I am currently 2nd year at the Rhode Island School of Design, majoring in industrial design with a focus on psychology. I am interested in strategically creating brand identities and how this affects the culture inside and outside the company. I do this through creation of exhibition posters in which I try to design a print that reflects the branding and art of the gallery as well as figuring out how to create a consistent design aesthetic in my design principles courses at RISD. Another interest is how design thinking can be applied to business management. In my (very limited) free time, I do a lot of reading about running startups and the ways small businesses scale to larger corporations. This co-insides with the design techniques I learn at RISD, where it is very process based.